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self hypnosis secrets 

Discover The New Way to Give Yourself “Hypnotic Suggestions” to Remove Self Doubt & Limiting Beliefs Hidden In Your Subconscious…

...then use the same system to rewire your mind with positive habits and purpose to awaken your best self.
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self hypnosis secrets 

Learn How to Give Yourself “Hypnotic Suggestions” to Remove Self Doubt & Limiting Beliefs Hidden In Your Subconscious…

...then use the same system to rewire your mind with positive habits and rockstar confidence to live life as your best self...

What would your life be like if you woke up everyday feeling unstoppable?

Would you take bigger risks and reap bigger rewards?

Would you finally give up those destructive behaviors that lead to regret and shame?

Would you be more outgoing and FINALLY have the confidence to talk to anyone?

Would you stand up and take action rather than letting another opportunity float on by?

Would you finally stick to your fitness routine and see your best self in the mirror?

Wherever you are in life, I know you’re eager to live life on your own terms.

Unfortunately, there’s something holding you back from greatness.

So I'm going to let you in on a little secret....

Your Subconscious Mind is Holding You Hostage

Often through childhood, we develop negative empowering beliefs and ideas that influence our behavior.

I know from first hand experience...

At 12 years old, I would be in the back of the class listening to the teacher talk...but not clearly understanding a word she spoke.

Learning was my worst enemy.

Multiplication felt like climbing Mount Everest. 

Everyday I would work my butt off to learn...

Bullets of sweat appearing on my brow as I struggled over a stupid math problem.

To the other kids, this stuff was easy.

To me, it felt like trying to complete a 1000 piece puzzle with pieces that didn’t fit together right.

At first, I thought this was my life now...

I imagined I would always be working way harder than everyone else...only to come up short.

But I knew deep down somewhere in my soul this wouldn’t hold me back.

That day, I went to the library (this was pre-internet days) and stumbled upon a book about self hypnosis.

Diving in, I was fascinated to learn how hypnosis works and discovered how little control we have over our subconscious mind.

Right away, I started using self hypnosis to tell my subconscious that I was a great student who excelled at learning...

And it worked!

I felt like a normal kid again and my learning disability vanished as I started using self hypnosis on myself.

Most importantly, I discovered the power of hypnosis to tap into the supercomputer of the subconscious mind.

Since that day, I knew hypnosis was my calling.

I’ve hypnotized millions of people throughout my career...

Spoke at TedX to share the power of self hypnosis with the world.

At the same time working with the most fascinating CEO’s, professional athletes, teenagers and many others who felt like something was holding them back from greatness.

If you want to live a life of abundance and unlock your potential, here's the secret:
No more long term therapy programs, motivational videos, or personal development seminars.
You must understand that every person has a  “critical factor” acting like a drawbridge into their subconscious mind.

The problem with most personal development programs and hypnosis recordings, is they rarely open the drawbridge to your subconscious mind. 

This is why 80% of people that buy personal development programs are repeat buyers...because most personal development doesn't touch on our subconscious mind!
What I discovered after years of trial and error, is a brand new tweaked version of the 100 year old hypnosis formula that goes to the core of a person's subconscious mind in mere seconds, so you can have total control over the power of your subconscious mind in seconds. 

When you learn this 5 minute exercise it's easy to...

Open the drawbridge to your subconscious mind, and remove your rooted limiting beliefs holding you back!

When you install new programing in your  subconscious, your limiting beliefs are powerless to hold you back.

Because once you have a path into your subconscious mind it’s easy to install life changing beliefs and habits... even when you’re not hypnotized!

It’s how I’m able to help a procrastinating junky CEO get her head right in less than an hour…

Or how I’ve helped a teen overcome 5 years of life altering panic attacks in just one hour together.

(her mom spent thousands on therapy, drugs and other hypnotists without seeing any progress before seeing a lick of progress)

The Critical Factor is the missing 1% that makes it easy to eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious...even if you swear you can't be hypnotized.

Tapping into your subconscious can change your life.

Just think about it...

"I'm a different person than I was two months ago"

How Would Your Life Change If Fear Never Held You Back Again?

As I continued touring the country helping hundreds of clients every year, I began documenting all the successes people had after working together.

I recorded when a technique worked...or when it didn't.

I stopped taking things at face value and either validated something worked...or tossed it away.

After years of hypnotizing over 100,000 people, I spent years compiling all my findings and turning it into a new workshop called:

Self Hypnosis Secrets
Rewire your mind with empowering habits, beliefs and self talk and awaken your best self.

My goal with this workshop is to help 1,000,000 people step into the world as their best self.

Right now, too many great people are stuck in a whirlwind of stress and anxiety.

2020 was a tough a year, no doubt about that. 

But in my wildest dreams...I couldn't fathom the amount of clients who we're once on top of the world...

Coming in to see me for help feeling like they hit rock bottom.

As I saw my TedX talk hit over 1.8 Million Views this year, I knew people we're looking for a solution to the chaos...

That's why I created this workshop, to remove limiting thoughts and beliefs while helping them step into their best selves in just 5 minutes a days.

With the hope that these people who were once stuck, will push far outside their comfort zones to spread their impact and live the life they were put on this earth to live!

On that note, here's exactly how Self Hypnosis Secrets works:
Self Hypnosis Secrets

Discover the simple three step process to replace limiting doubts & beliefs with confidence, focus and resilience.

Step #1

Use my tweaked hypnotic formula to open the drawbridge to your subconscious mind.

Step #2

Bring yourself to a receptive peaceful state so your subconscious is open to change.

Step #3

Use one of the 66 hypnotic suggestions you will learn to remove limiting doubts & beliefs to step into the world as your best self....and so much more!

You Will Also Receive 66 Hypnotic Suggestions To Overcome Obstacles and Prime Your Mind for Greatness

Here's 6 of my personal favorites....


Get to your dream weight by instructing your subconscious to eat better and exercise more…so you’re actually excited to go to the gym and eat healthy rather than dreading it.


Instruct your mind to stop craving bad habits like excessive Netflix or even smoking.


Guess what? You don't have to be stressed every moment of everyday. Use this prompt to instantaneously purge stress to keep your cortisol levels low.


Acquire laser sharp memory by putting yourself into a state of memory enhancement (This is what I did to get better grades at school)


​ZAP yourself with a burst of energy without having to gulp down another cup of caffeine 


Put yourself into a positive state of mind so you’re ready to show up as your best self and own your day.

Self Hypnosis Secrets

Give yourself subconscious suggests to remove limiting doubts and beliefs holding you back…
...then use the same system to awaken your best self.

Here's Everything That's Included for Just $27:

"Self Hypnosis Secrets" workshop (value $197)

"Super Sleep" audios (value $67)

"Hypnotic Connection" book (value $10)

"Persuasion Accelerator" mini-course (value $57)

"Calm Anchor Formula" (value $97)

We've Had Over 3000 Members Join The Tribe To Awaken Their Best Selves!

See what others have experienced working with me and going through this workshop...
For a Limited Time

Get 3 Special Bonuses

For Trying Self Hypnosis Secrets 

My goal is to set you up for success.

So you can live the extraordinary life you were put on this earth to live.

That's why I want to include these three bonus workshops & downloads to help you along your journey...


Super Sleep: 
(Valued at $67)

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients is that they don't sleep well.
And, I don’t blame them!

It's hard to sleep if your mind just won't. shut. up.

That’s why I want to give you my signature "Super Sleep Program” which will help you fall fast asleep.

It includes three separate audios depending on the mood you are in.


 The Hypnotic Connection (Valued at $10) 
How to Influence & Persuade Anyone With Hypnotic Communication 
The #1 skill that  determines your income and status is your ability to build meaningful connections with strangers. 

That's why I want to give you a free copy of my book 'The Hypnotic Connection', so I can set you up for success.

The first part is about using ethical hypnotic communication to persuade and instantly connect with anyone on a deeper level.

The second part goes deeper into self hypnosis and can be used as a reference point. 

Here's a fraction of what you will learn in the book: 

How to hypnotically connect with anyone and build meaningful relationships, even if you're not a "natural" extrovert.

The secret behind hypnotic communication to make conversations fun and interesting creating instant connections.

Easy little ways to start conversations without feelings of awkwardness or shyness.

A few little tricks to read body language and understand how a person is feeling...use these persuasion tactics for good only.


 Influence and Persuasion Accelerator (Valued at $57)
If you want to start a business, excel at your career or accomplish anything in your need to know how to confidently persuade people to get what you want.

This is a "no fluff" hour long workshop teaching you exactly how to influence people at a subconscious level.

Along with the core audio and video training programs, I've also included 2 cheat sheets you can print out and reference before important moments.

This workshop will help you:

1. Get people to listen more closely, so people respect your opinion and take you seriously when you talk.

2. Learn the right way to ask for what you want, so you walk away feeling good about the result. 

Imagine going into any situation knowing exactly what to say and how to get the response you're looking for?

That's exactly what I teach you in this program.

Just PLEASE do me a favor and use this for ethical purposes only.

Fast Mover BONUS for Signing Up Today:

Access My "Calm Ancher Formula" (Valued at $97)
You're in a tense moment…
Maybe you’re speaking on stage in front of 100,000 people…

Maybe, you’re at a job interview…

Maybe, you just went up to an attractive stranger and started talking to them…

Or're hot prospect is showing all the signs that they are ready to buy.

And suddenly out of know where... you feel a mind numbing panic attack or hint of anxiety coming on.

In just a few seconds, your world can go in two different directions.

I want to prepare you for that moment by giving you my "calm anchor" formula.

This is going to be your secret weapon against anxiety that can...

 Stop a panic attack in 
less than 30 seconds! 
In fact, it can work in as few as 5-10 seconds if done correctly.

It’s something you can do anywhere, anytime, no matter who you’re with or what you’re doing.

You can even use in on stage, in front of 100,000 people (my clients have).

And nobody would even know you were on the verge of having a major panic attack.

The entire process takes just 10 minutes to learn and will help you for a lifetime.

I’ll give it to you completely free if you sign up today.

Self Hypnosis Secrets

Give yourself subconscious suggests to remove limiting doubts and beliefs holding you back…
...then use the same system to awaken your best self.

Here's Everything That's Included for Just $27:

"Self Hypnosis Secrets" workshop (value $197)

"Super Sleep" audios (value $67)

"Hypnotic Connection" book (value $10)

"Persuasion Accelerator" mini-course (value $57)

"Calm Anchor Formula" (value $97)

Still have questions…We’ve got answers


Here's an over the shoulder look at everything you're getting inside

Here's My "You Gotta Be Outta Your Mind" Guarantee

I 100% Guarantee You Will Love This Workshop & Added Bonuses or I'll refund your money up to a FULL YEAR later with no questions asked.

That means if you try everything included for a year and you don't see yourself becoming the best version of yourself, I'll happily refund your money with no questions asked.

Sound fair?

Scroll down and click the button below and confirm your details on the next page to unlock your best self, starting right now. 

Hypnosis Took Me 
From a Dark Place to 
My Best Self

And now, I want to help you unlock your best self

Freedom to get off the anxiety rollercoaster.

Freedom to live as your best self with nothing holding you back.

Freedom to go after your dreams without anything holding you back.

And I want that for you.
© Copyright 2021 Dan Candell.
Disclaimer: This is not endorsed by Facebook, Google or any 3rd party advertiser  in any way. All stories, figures and information is from my own viewpoint as well as from my own clients experiences. I am not claiming that this will 100% indefinitely without question cure your anxiety...and I am not a therapist. These methods have worked for hundreds of my clients and I am sharing their results here. If you try the product and it does not work for you, you can always message me for a full refund.
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